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To ensure that you will enjoy a functional and beautiful smile, you must take care of your teeth and gums.  The success of the implant relies heavily on the well being of your mouth.  Our highly trained and caring dental team consisting of your treating doctor, Dr. Viksman, our hygienist, and our dental staff will assist you in making your visit for periodontal cleaning a rewarding experience, but you must do your part in visiting the clinic on a regular basis and complying with home-care instructions.

An implant, just like teeth, is held in by bone and connective tissue.  If there is bacterial plaque present on an implant, it will cause bone loss and ultimately lead to the implant failure. Ultimately, an inflammation and bacterial infections in the mouth relates to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer and thus, affect your overall health. 

The dental implant is a precious gift and a second chance for most people and should be cared for properly.


The Role of Your Dentist and Your Dental Hygienist in Implant Maintenance


Early and timely diagnosis can prevent impending problems.  A four to six-months recall system is used depending on your oral hygiene, tissue health and the amount of deposits. The Doctor will continuously evaluate the condition of your teeth, gums and bone through clinical examination accompanied by x-rays.

The hygienist will determine the presence of bacterial plaque, bleeding, calculus/tartar, swollen or bleeding gums and administer appropriate treatments.  It could include debridement, root planing, periodontal maintenance including scaling and polishing.  If your gum pockets are deep, she will recommend medication called Arestin to inject in the pocket to eliminate bacteria and reduce pocket depth.  It is the most effective way to fight periodontal disease.  It is important to know that the hygienist is highly trained to address periodontal disease and only special, implant-safe instruments, are used during the procedures.

It is critical to make an appointment for an examination with your Doctor and a periodontal cleaning with our Hygienist.


Patient Home-Care Instructions


Your home care participation is directly linked to the success and the longevity of the implant.  By regularly brushing and flossing you will help your hygienist to control bacterial plaque, which would lead to healthy bone structure.  Thus, you must brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, but ideally, after each meal; floss after each meal.  If you have removable prosthesis, remove them regularly and brush them inside and out.  Brush your gums and abutments while the prosthesis is removed.


Recommended aids: Professional Oral B Professional Electrical Tooth Brush or Rota-Dent.


Please let us know immediately if you experience any discomfort, pain or bleeding and remember that a great oral health will insure the wellness of your general health and that’s something worth smiling about.  We encourage you to contact our Calabasas’s clinic at: (818) 222-7399 and schedule your appointment in a timely fashion.  Thank you.

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